Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The relationship between internal and external customer service Essay - 2

The relationship between internal and external customer service - Essay Example For instance, if the firm is a shoe production line, external customers are individuals that may include retailers and suppliers who enters the firm’s store and buys merchandise. On the converse, internal customers entail individuals or any member of the firm who depends on the assistance from others to accomplish her routine duties. They include individuals such as marketing and sales agents who needs help from a customer service envoy to place an order. Thus the internal customers ensure that the shoes produced are up to external customer’s satisfaction. Whilst, the external (buyers, suppliers, etc.) and internal customers (employees) may execute dissimilar roles; both customers are critical to the feasibility of an organisation. Traditionally, companies may have a natural propensity on only focus on the relationship with their external customers, since they are the ones that buy the firms products and services. However, it has become necessary of late and with increasing recognition of the need to give internal customers the same degree of reliance, for good internal customers’ relationship fosters a healthy working environment. Among the simple initiatives that an organisation can invoke in improving internal customer relations would include changing the culture in an organisation for all employees to think of fellow workers in the same manner as with external customers. The top management should always set an example by appreciating workers’ endeavours and encourage their criticism (PAWAR, n.d.). Such proactive initiatives are crucial to boosting employee’s morale and leading to the flourish of the business. Various relations experts have made commendable opinions of the significance of this relationship. The objective of this essay is decisively to appraise the role played by internal customer service in the delivery of external customer service excellence For few decades now up

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