Saturday, July 27, 2019

APN Leader Interview Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

APN Leader Interview Project - Essay Example These competencies are essential behaviors for all Nursing Practitioners. They are necessary for the practitioners to face complex challenges in the translation of knowledge that is rapidly expanding into the function and practice in the health care environment that is also rapidly changing. Nurse Practitioners have skills, knowledge, as well as abilities that highly essential to the independent clinical practice. They acquire the competencies through patient care experiences that are mentored, analytic skills, and advanced knowledge of health care system. The Doctoral –prepared Nurse Practitioners get to apply their knowledge in scientific foundation in the quality care practice, they also have the ability to apply their acquired skills in technology and also in information literacy. Practitioners engage in practice inquiries where they improve health outcomes, health policy as well as health care delivery (Joel, 2013). There are also areas of increased skills, knowledge, and expertise that includes collaboration, advanced communication skills, leadership, complex decision making and the health care business. Upon completion of NP program, the practitioners fully possess the nine core competencies that are not based on or determined by population focus (Joel, 2013). The nine Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies are; scientific foundation competencies, leadership competencies, quality competencies, practice inquiry competencies, technology and information literacy competencies, policy competencies, heath delivery system competencies, ethics competencies, and independent practice competencies. The Nurse Practitioner (NP) in this case critically analyzes evidence and data for the improvement of advanced nursing practice, integrates knowledge from a combination of sciences and humanities that are within the nursing science context and translates research and knowledge in order to improve the processes and outcomes. The NP also gets to develop

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