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SEX AS CRIME 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

SEX AS CRIME 2 - Essay ExampleThe essay will also explore the different situations in which women might find themselves in which predispose them to desecrate. The sex industry is a large sector where acts of transport argon perpetrated and the victims have no means of seeking legal action. In this regard, the essay seeks to bring into post the policies that have been put in place to combat sexual offences such as rape. In the essay, challenges that the government, the natural law enforcement officers and social services officers encounter in assisting victims of sexual violence are explored. Rape is forced sex. It involves forcing an soulfulness to eng age in sexual activity without their consent. It may involve penetration through various system openings and using various objects. Rape mostly occurs because of the social inequalities between men and women, or the inequalities related to age and position at the workplace. The most type of rape is date rape, which is done by a familiar person. Marital rape also occurs in marriage-like settings. Sexual violence allows men to control women (Brown miller, 1975). In her analytic thinking of rape, Miller points out that rape is non a crime of irrational impulse or an unruly act, but a deliberate violent, hostile act of degradation possessions on the part of the would be conqueror. jibe to Miller, rape is designed to intimidate and inspire fear. This explains why many rape cases go un covered and are tolerated in silence by victims. The silence of the society is equated as the silence of the victims. According to a 2005 report by the Sanders, many people believe that a woman bears the responsibility of her rape, either partially or completely, in case she demonstrated flirty behavior. A small percentage of the people interviewed expressed the opinion that a woman is partly to blame if she is raped and she has worn revealing attire or is under the find out of drugs (Sanders, 2005). These reasons do little t o shed light on the low number of convicted criminals of sexual violence. Around 14% of the reported cases find their way in a court house, while almost 10% of these are termed as faulty allegations on the suspects. Majority of these are cases that involve women and girls from the age of 16 to 25. Some of these cases are later withdrawn for the victims fear that they are not believed, while others are dismissed on the suit of insufficient evidence. The above mentioned reasons explain why very few cases are reported by rape victims. The public exudes no confidence in the justice system when it comes to handling sexual violence victims. photo of rape victims varies with different people. Different situations expose individuals to sexual assault. Adolescents make up the largest and most vulnerable chemical group of individuals most susceptible to rape. They are most vulnerable because of their age. Assailants instill fear in them and they do not report cases of sexual assault until i t is too late. On the other hand, teenagers are easily manipulated but their assailants as they are offered gifts and money in return for their sexual services (Phoenix, 2001). These are gifts that are very harmonic to the teens as they make them stand out from their peers. Another group that is very vulnerable to rape is that of individuals whose intellectual health is problematic or unstable. Sexual violence also occurs as part of domestic violence. Studies turn up that almost 50% of women and 35%

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