Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Lux target audience Essay

First Male Brand Ambassador – Shahrukh Khan (female following) Lux — derived from the word luxury – has always used successful film actors of the time such as Madhubala, Hema Malini, Kareena Kapoor to endorse the product. Leader in the marketplace (14.4%) – Lux has been facing intense competition from Wipro Consumer’s Santoor (8.8%) and ITC’s Vivel and Fiama di wills which have been gaining market share much faster. -Started off as a feminine skin and beauty soap in 1925. -Focuses on external beauty (fine fragrances) – can play with fragrances idea -Targets typical Indian mindset of outer beauty (more ‘active’ stance on beauty) -An aspiration for every girl living in rural area – uses personalities from the silver screen, which makes it an inspirational brand -Uses Bollywood connect to communicate the same (movie-loving target audience) -Theme – Combination of style and romance Demographic: Gender – Female Age – 16 – 35 Income – Middle Income Group. Targets the urban and semi urban upper middle class and middle class segment of the population, who falls under A to C of SEC Target Area – Urban and Semi urban – Middle and Upper Middle Class Lifestyle: – Frequent movie watcher (genre – romantic) (can use Multiplex as the media) – Liking for fragrance – Day Dreamer? – Advertisement driven – Status conscious – Looks conscious – Liking for new clothes – Advertiser’s beloved Influencer – Retailer can be the influencer. Recent: Signed Sonam Kapoor and Dhanush as Brand Ambassadors. Change in positioning? The brand is slowly moving away from a beauty soap for a star to a soap for couples. While the overarching Lux celebrity quotient has remained intact since 1929 when Leela Chitnis promised smooth skin through Lux, the brand positioning has shifted. Good to know: -Many variants -Labelling – prominent, female model -Introduced Mini Lux for Rs. 5 (45gms.) Not sure whether it is available in the market now. -Lacks unisex appeal

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