Friday, October 18, 2019

Identity Theft Through Unsecure Wireless Networks Research Paper

Identity Theft Through Unsecure Wireless Networks - Research Paper Example Unauthorized access also imposes high bills to the owner of the network where they involve lots of traffic by downloading videos and software. It is quite evident that a walk with a Wi-Fi enabled phone or laptop it’s easy to steal internet, this is just because most of the network have no security. It is also evident that most users use default passwords to access the administration area of the router thus enabling a cyber criminal to edit details with much ease and can even block the owner out of the connectivity. Malicious intruders can also get access to the network and do harm to devices to scan radio frequency bands which the Wi-Fi uses are readily available thus it easy to access their information using these devices. This can lead to even introduction of malicious software, viruses and worms thus invading computers in the network leading to great damage, this causes the user to loose vital personal identities. Although it may look good to help neighbors with free intern et, the risks involved are numerous. The criminals can also modify settings thus ensuring that the restart button no longer functions properly, thus leading to blockage. How To Secure Your Network People have come up with a few prevention on secure measures to curb this problem. Some of the methods which are widely used are; activating your router’s encryption, some of the routers are bought when their encryption is turned off and all is needed is to read the manual on how to activate your router on. Turning your SSID off, turning it off will hide your network from hackers who might try and steal your identity by using network. Disable remote administration, this helps you prevent hackers from unilateral changing your network security settings. Recruit professional if needed, if one is not a computer tech one should employ a tech guru who will be able to set up settings which will prevent unauthorized access. Use of firewall, this is where a number of integrated collection of security measures are made in order to prevent unauthorized electronic access to a networked computer system. Safety measures used to protect your information if a wi-fi is used. One should always be aware that they are never secure since the Wi-Fi hot spots are unsecure connections thus potential hackers will be hanging out in the same network and it won’t be difficult for them to get into your activity and retrieve your personal information thus though the hot spot has a password through a log-in screen you are still at risk. These are built-in security features contained in the windows that enable the firewall through the security settings to block all incoming traffic. This helps in keeping off all the hackers/thieves by disabling file sharing thus making an important security measure. One should protect their passwords since hackers can retrieve same passwords from the registry which makes your keyboard activity available to them that includes the password typed in, thu s installing a browser add-on that stores you password in the cloud e.g. last pass, passwords won’t be saved in your computer and you won’t have to type a thing. There are websites that use HTTP’s, they encrypt your activities thus anything you do in that site is confidential. Since not all websites do this one can download HTTP’s everywhere, they are add-ons that will force an encrypted connection on many popular sites. You should also check the network name since people

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