Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Trapped in the Middle :: Essays Papers

Trapped in the Middle The middle. When single thinks of the middle, he or she may think about the middle of a street, a class, or the middle of the country. One may also consider the middle of thought, traffic, or of an argument. After asking more than ten people what they thought of what the middle was, none of them ever mentioned the middle of two cultures or traditions. In the essay, The Homeland, written by Gloria Anzaldua, Anzaldua describes her homeland as being a little of both Mexican and American cultures. She talks about the history of Mexico and how the borders between Mexico and the United States were created. She explains how the creation of the border has dramatically changed the lives of the Mexican people. She describes the border by using many metaphorical devices one such example is that of the ocean, where earth touches ocean, where the two overlap a gentle coming together, and at other times and places a violent clash (Anzaldua, 319). Anzaldua i s real realistic and descriptive in her text. She uses many forms of writing in her personal narrative, which creates an eye-opening and touching story. She concludes her essay with giving the reader a metaphor of what her homeland is to her, a thin edge of barbed wire (327). Anzaldua explains how she is stuck in the middle of two cultures due to a variety of reasons. Those reasons include, the fact that she struggles knowing that the Mexicans must depend on the Americans to live yet the Americans are too ignorant to even know what is going on. Moreover, the fact that she lives in America yet her heart and soul lie down in the Mexican culture causes her to feel split between the two traditions. I, too, feel for Anzaldua, yet I am Portuguese and not Mexican. Though I do not relate completely with her, I do in many ways. After reading The Homeland, I was opened up to a innovative story about another culture and at the same time it opened myself up to new ideas abo ut my own. After reading Andalduas The Homeland, I was shocked to see myself realize that much of the information that she presented had already been exposed to me, yet I never bothered to look at both perspectives.

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